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This is a very good time for NCDD to launch its Wiki forum. I've been in intermittant correspondence with Tom Atlee since Y2K and participated with John Abbe years ago in Wiki. I've been wanting to start using Wiki, and integrate it with some other formats, and this is a good time.

I've been active in change movements since the 60s, a history to be provided later for those interested. Personal issues consumed me after Y2K and I am only a few months along in my renewed action.

I took my main website down after Y2K. A crude website as storage for documents I wish to reference is , which links to an even older archive on AOL. I have just updated to Frontpage 2003 and will be creating more useful websites.

I will add to this page later.

A Sober Assessment Of Contemporary D&D -- also contains a list of more Wiki links. Dialog Within Diversity - Dialog Across Major Differences Dialog Deliberation Creates Worlds

There seems to be little activity here in recent changes.

Hey, Larry! Great to see you here. Re getting more activity, please invite others you think may be interested! Also, while third person writing is preferred in general, please do sign your name when you write first person (I noticed lots of "I" on Dialog Deliberation Creates Worlds but it doesn't actually have your name anywhere!) --JohnAbbe

More Ncdd Wiki Participants Larry.. just scanned many of your pages quickly. i'd have to say i agree with you that dialogue per se is not likely to change much... especially if by 'dialogue' we mean experiences that are offered to 'stranger groups' that are by definition not part of any organization... my own sense of potential leverage has more to do with disseminating highly effective strategies for conflict transformation, to improve effectiveness of existing social change orgs... all best wishes, Rosa Zubizarreta



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see where we are also listing similar practices

  --Michel Bauwens (Not signed in).....Sun Jan 31 00:53:33 -0800 2010

The Bohm Dialogue, especially Collective Reflection has significance for me in terms of artistic critique and dialogue.

If one wanted to connect this to Jungian thought I'd relate to that.

  --Srule Brachman (Not signed in).....Mon May 21 17:09:16 +0000 2012





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