A conference is usually organised by a like-minded group or association to share information, present the latest innovations, and/or to make decisions about or on behalf of the organisation. Conferences can vary from 'shoestring' budget gatherings to large-scale, week-long events that may justify hiring a professional conference organiser. Often, conferences provide an opportunity for organisation members who are geographically scattered to gather, learn, and socialise.The venue and presenters need to suit the types of people who will be attending. That is, a camping conference may suit backpackers, but an organisation whose members have young children, or are aged, will need a venue that suits these special needs.

(See Case Studies of Conferences: a large-scale, national conference, the Coast-to-Coast Conference, and a small-scale conference for surfers, the Surfriders Australia Conference. where?)

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Category Practice Open Space Technology is a great way to convene people for fully-participatory conferences, with the added bonuses of participants owning the entire process, emerging issues being highlighted, sharing of resources, documentation of the entire proceedings and even action steps (as needed) with only 1 facilitator for a conference of over 2000 people. Let me know if you want to host or convene a conference in this method and I can share with you tools and resources for doing it yourself, help you learn the method or come and facilitate with you - Lisa Heft





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see where we are also listing similar practices

  --Michel Bauwens (Not signed in).....Sun Jan 31 00:53:33 -0800 2010

The Bohm Dialogue, especially Collective Reflection has significance for me in terms of artistic critique and dialogue.

If one wanted to connect this to Jungian thought I'd relate to that.

  --Srule Brachman (Not signed in).....Mon May 21 17:09:16 +0000 2012





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