• The future search conference is about discovering common ground.
  • It is useful in identifying issues at any stage of a project or process.
  • It supports people in discovering where their common foundation lies.
  • It is powerful for integrating civerse cultures, such as in a merger of several groups.
  • It is very affective in situations where people have been stymied by conflict.
  • It helps people see and understand the reality they face, including conflicts, but focuses finding a common foundation.
  • It is an open system process that includes everyone affected by, who can affect or who has information about the issue at hand.
  • It often includes people outside of the traditional boundaries of an organization or community.
  • It empower individuals and the group through full full participation resulting in a sense of ownership and buy-in.
  • Works with gorups of 60-90 people, though parallel future searches can accommodate many more.
  • Logistics are straighforward and much simpler than other conferences of its size.



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see http://p2pfoundation.net/Category:Facilitation where we are also listing similar practices

  --Michel Bauwens (Not signed in).....Sun Jan 31 00:53:33 -0800 2010

The Bohm Dialogue, especially Collective Reflection has significance for me in terms of artistic critique and dialogue.

If one wanted to connect this to Jungian thought I'd relate to that.

  --Srule Brachman (Not signed in).....Mon May 21 17:09:16 +0000 2012





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