The main purpose is to strengthen and extend our network. A couple of more concrete goals:
  • 2-4 more people actively playing with us in the Co-Intelligence Institute (CII) itself - board, staff, or otherwise closely and frequently involved.
  • Companionship (for any who want it) in any given CII/related activity. Ideally, lots of co-intelligent projects have at least a couple people involved who are also closely involved with CII itself.



  1. talk with people into co-intelligence (whether they call it that or not) who light you up.
    1. John local - Becca, Abigail, ?Aaron, ??
  2. take notes:
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  3. share notes with each other, and whoever else they seem relevant to.
  4. repeat as desired.

In many cases you probably wouldn't want to read any of the lists here to someone all at once. They're more useful as reminders of what we're up to, things to bring up organically as the conversation develops. What's their interest level in playing with us in any of these ways? If they're not interested to get very involved with CII, what could we be doing that would get them really excited about working with us?

Ways people may want to participate:

  • work on CII/related projects (including this social networking):
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  • staff (paid, volunteer, interns)
  • the board - http://co-intelligence.org/CII_Board.html
  • associates - http://co-intelligence.org/CII_Associates.html
  • support/coach network: Rosa, Elliot, Karl, (add more names here), Brandon intermittently
  • this wiki (from participant to organizer) - more info coming
  • other programs that don't yet exist: mailing lists, group calls, resonant fellows (we don't know what this is yet, but we really like the name!)


Who's doing this

John Abbe
Tom Atlee
Lyn Bazzell
Adin Rogovin
Heather Tischbein

(Co-incidentally, so far that's the board of the Co-Intelligence Institute - see http://co-intelligence.org/CII_Board.html)

Who we're looking for

Who lights you up, who are the people you'd like to spend a lot more time with, with whom you always feel better after you talk with than before? (and who might like to get involved in CII)

Qualities we look for in people to be centrally involved in CII:
able to hold space for self and others
leadership/entrepreneurship - initiating and sustaining

People who like to...
Action research
Geek out
Raise funds
Give personal support
Do administrative work



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If you have questions, contact the Process Arts wiki support team. We may also be online live, or you can just ask your question here and someone will answer it shortly:

see http://p2pfoundation.net/Category:Facilitation where we are also listing similar practices

  --Michel Bauwens (Not signed in).....Sun Jan 31 00:53:33 -0800 2010

The Bohm Dialogue, especially Collective Reflection has significance for me in terms of artistic critique and dialogue.

If one wanted to connect this to Jungian thought I'd relate to that.

  --Srule Brachman (Not signed in).....Mon May 21 17:09:16 +0000 2012





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